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Franklin Finds a Froom out on Android!


Get Franklin Finds a Froom HERE!

Franklin Finds a Froom is a platform arcade game for your Android devices. You'll play as Franklin, an octogenarian searching for adventure in the sewers under his house. And you'll encounter Frooms... waves and waves of Frooms that you'll have to stomp, bump, and boot your way through. There are currently 25 levels with possibly more to come, but I haven't even yet beaten the game from start to finish myself without cheating. So I'm probably good on that front for a little while.


Now on a personal note - whoa, I actually finished this thing. It can be pretty easy to just start a project. But finishing one always ends up taking much longer and much more work than you expect.

This game came about because I wanted to play the old Mario Bros. arcade game from the '80s on my phone, but couldn't find something like it anywhere. That, coupled with a desire to get my feet wet in Unity, has now somehow resulted in a game I feel sorta okay to publish! A post mortem will probably be coming later. For now though, thank you in advance to the 10 people who will download this game (8 of whom will probably be family).

Fun fact - Franklin is named after a friend who I imagine will also go on unexpected adventures when he turns 80.

Also, a special thanks to @IAmPeaTV for creating the music!