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Franklin Finds a Froom update v1.1


I posted an update for Franklin Finds a Froom earlier this morning to the Google Play store.

The biggest change that comes with v1.1 is that a level won't completely restart after you die. I don't remember why I decided not to do it that way in the first place. But the three games I play the most on the workplace's arcade machine (Ms. Pac-Man, Burger Time, and Galaga 3) don't throw away all the progress you've made in a level when you die, so why should I? Actually, come to think of it, Galaga 3 might. Maybe it was a way that I thought would make the game frustratingly hard that some people come to enjoy. But in the end I think it was just more frustrating or annoying than anything else. Hopefully this little bit will help players get just a few more levels beyond where they've been stuck at.

Some other smaller changes to note:

  • Now that a level still progresses after you die, I needed to handle cases where the player is spawned right into the path of an oncoming Froom. Instead of insta-dying, a brief period of a immunity is given so players have a chance to move safely out of the way.

    Player immunity
  • The volume of the background music has been decreased a touch. It may have been a tad loud.

  • This is barely noticeable, but the Android launcher icons have also been updated. I used this Launcher Icon Generator tool instead of just chopping the head off of one of Franklin's sprites.

  • There's a small UI pause button added to the top of the screen. This was really just done in preparation for a potential port over to iOS. But unless someone wants to give me $99 for the dev fee, it's probably not gonna happen.

    Pause button
  • And then some other bug fixes that may also not be terribly noticeable.

Thanks are in order for friends, coworkers, and Vallar on TIGSource who all gave really valuable feedback that led to the changes made.

If you haven't yet, you can get Franklin Finds a Froom HERE.