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Level Up! for Android


Level Up

Another month, another app. Level Up! is a simple app for personal data tracking, motivation, and improvement. It borrows from the basic concept of leveling up from RPGs and lets you apply it to real life.

The UI and available features are intentionally basic. The possiblities for what you track and how you decide to motivate yourself are up to your own imagination. And frankly, I'm kinda excited to see how people might try to use it.

Main ScreenLevel Up PopupBaby Sleeper

This started out as an app for my own use. Being the dad of a newborn, I found myself changing diapers - like a lot. And I wanted to quantify it in some sort of way. The only MMORPG I really played was Warhammer Online, and I took considerable pride in being a Level whatever Dwarf. So why not be a Level whatever Diaper Changer?

A Thing That Went Right

Focused and Limited Scope: I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to be able to accomplish with this app. Sticking strictly to that and not over-engineering stuff, like creating an event queue and backend web service, allowed me to finish this in just under a month. (To be fair - I did start working on an event queue + backend web service. It may be a thing I'll get back to later.)

A Thing That Went Wrong

My phone that this app got developed on. I have no idea when the screen cracked.

Broken Phone

Going Forward

I'm happy with where it is right now, though there are many ideas I have in the backlog that could make this more social with more motivational hooks. Have any feedback? Email me!

Get it on Google play

Get it on Google play