Published on Update v2.2


The v2.2 release of is a minor update including a small new feature, tweak to the UI, and a potential bug fix.

Find in Note


You can now search for text within a note. It was a feature that did not cross my mind at all until some of you requested it. But it's something that definitely seems like it will come in handy, so here it is! You'll find it as a menu item on the View note screen.

Floating Action Button


It's an element so pervasive in the Android app ecosystem now that apps without it feel sort of dated. Credit goes to the Shell Software fab library which made implementing the button super easy.

Invisible Cursor Bug

Having only a single phone dedicated to development makes it tough to find bugs that may only show up on certain devices and/or certain versions of the OS. So I can't say I've ever come across this bug myself. And that makes it hard to know if the potential solution I'm trying will actually fix the problem. But hopefully it does! If this is a problem you're having, email me and let me know!