Published on Update v2.4.1


Seems that as long as I keep using this app myself - which is pretty much weekly - the updates will continue to come. Here's what's new for version 2.4.1.

When you've got a lot of notes, sometimes organization with notebooks just isn't enough. A search button is now available on the main screen in v2.4.1. Tap on the icon and quickly find notes by their titles.

Landscape Mode

This one is totally by audience request. Other than with video, I rarely turn my phone sideways. But enough have asked for it and it was an easy enough thing to implement that it's been done. Rotate your phones to your heart's content.

Bug Fix: Escaped Characters

When you want a - to just be a -, you throw a backslash (\) in front of it. Unfortunately, in many cases this caused the app to crash. This has now been fixed. Thanks to those of you who reported this and followed up with more info that helped in figuring out the problem.

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