Update v2.4.1

Seems that as long as I keep using this app myself - which is pretty much weekly - the updates will continue to come. Here’s what’s new for version 2.4.1.

When you’ve got a lot of...

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The updates are starting to come a little less frequently and the baby’s become a lot more mobile. I wouldn’t say the two are not related…

The updates in version 2.3 are styling related - one’s a feature...

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The v2.2 release of is a minor update including a small new feature, tweak to the UI, and a potential bug fix.

Find in Note


You can now search for text within...

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This weekend brings another update to Version 2.1.1 adds the ability to select a style for you to view and edit your notes in. It’s one I’ve personally been wanting to get to for a while and am...

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Version 2.0 for is now available on Google Play! The two big things that come with this update are Dropbox integration and notebooks.

Dropbox Integration

One of the most requested features after launch has been Dropbox integration....

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Level Up! update v1.1

Today I published an update to Level Up! Version 1.1 comes with three new features and some bug fixes.

Custom Level Progression

This one comes as the result of the suggestions a couple reviewers have left for the...

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Level Up! for Android

Level Up

Another month, another app. Level Up! is a simple app for personal data tracking, motivation, and improvement. It borrows from the basic concept of leveling up from RPGs and lets you apply it to...

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Franklin Finds a Froom update v1.1

I posted an update for Franklin Finds a Froom earlier this morning to the Google Play store.

The biggest change that comes with v1.1 is that a level won’t completely restart after you die. I don’t remember why I decided...

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Franklin Finds a Froom out on Android!


Get Franklin Finds a Froom HERE!

Franklin Finds a Froom is a platform arcade game for your Android devices. You’ll play as Franklin, an octogenarian searching for adventure in the sewers under his house. And...

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