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Authors is a simple Markdown editor that supports the CommonMark spec. Create and edit notes with the help of a Markdown helper bar for quick access to the syntax's special characters. View it rendered in the way you would expect a Markdown document to look based on the CommonMark spec.

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From using GitHub, to Trello, to writing posts for this devlog here, the Markdown syntax has permeated the way that I write text and how I expect that text to be rendered. The markup shorthand is relatively easy to remember and quick to write up. It seemed perfect for the note taking I do on my phone. I found the plain text shorthand to be a lot easier than say, struggling to highlight text with my fat thumbs to then bold it. But none of what I have seems to offer Markdown support. Trying other Markdown apps proved fruitless with them all handling the syntax in subtley different ways that I didn't expect. So I went about making

Its creation was largely inspired by seeing that there actually was an effort towards creating a common Markdown spec. I'm in full appreciation of the work being done here and found it a good spec to base this app on. The app is admittedly barebones right now, but I'm just getting this out there now because it's useful enough for me in its current state and I'm curious to see what other people will actually want as next features. So let me know!

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