Published on Update v2.0


Version 2.0 for is now available on Google Play! The two big things that come with this update are Dropbox integration and notebooks.

Dropbox Integration

One of the most requested features after launch has been Dropbox integration. Well, here you go! Go to the app's Settings screen to link your Dropbox account. Now any notes you create in the app will sync to the Apps/notesmd/ folder in your Dropbox. No more needing to manually share notes one at a time to get them off your device!


You can now group your notes together into notebooks. Organize notes for different classes into their own respective notebooks. Or categorize your growing list of recipes into the different cuisines you've covered. Whatever kinds of notes you've been taking, you now have this tool at your disposal to organize with.


One minor change also coming with this version is an update to using Material UI. Honestly, I really just wanted the animating hamburger-menu-to-arrow-icon when you pull open a navigation drawer. I could open and close that nav drawer all day. There's more work that can be done here, but it's a start.

Your Feedback

I've been surprised by the amount of feedback I've been getting for the app. The fact that it's all been positive and super contructive makes it even better. Thank you to all who have downloaded and offered your feedback. Your responses provide both direction for where I should focus my efforts and motivation for continuing on. Keep em coming!

Try out the update and let me know what you think!